Why A Bellydance Themed Event Is PERFECT For Your Bachelorette Party

Here’s some info for you:

Bridal parties are comprised of family, friends, loved ones, men, women and sometimes children. If you’re like most of the Maid of Honor’s and Brides I’ve met, you want to provide a truly unique experience, something that everyone can appreciate and cherish for years to come. An event that is both CLASSY & SENSUAL, not “raunchy”  — an experience that celebrates OUR ability to laugh, love and have a blast together!

At Shimmy USA (BellyDanceGR), we have created a family-friendly environment, for women of ALL ages to come and cut loose. Hey — invite your guy friends too, its YOUR Private Party so you do what makes you happy!


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Sarah Mae Owens Bridal Party

Grand Rapids Michigan Bachelorette Party

Katie Miller & her group getting crazy!