About BellyDanceGR

Hula Hooping ~ Tribal Style ~ Bollywood ~ Hawaiian Hula ~ Bachelorette Parties ~ Performance Opportunities

Myself, and the professionals at ShimmyUSA (BellyDanceGR), understand that helping you blast calories while teaching you technique and alignment will turn you into a strong, fit, and vibrant woman as well as a great dancer. Our passion is bringing beautiful and quality world dance movement and education from the far corners of the globe, right to the women of Grand Rapids – all while encouraging health and fitness!bdgr_notext

I created Shimmy USA to be a non-competitive, adult women’s dance & fitness community, specializing in the professional instruction & performance of world dance. Our focus is on women who have never set foot on a dance floor, all the way to the trained dancers of any dance style.

The key to finding the ideal fitness center is to make it fun and addictive! Jiggle, giggle, stretch and even hula hoop your way into shape because these classes feel more a dance party. You will rediscover and ignite the empowered, sexy and strong woman that you are!


-Sarah Mayne, Owner

Sarah L Mayne, Owner of BellyDanceGR & Ambrosia Theater

Sarah L Mayne, Owner of Shimmy USA & Ambrosia Theater